Saturday, December 26, 2009

Me and Lola on Christmas Day

Lola B gives me food and bathes me whenever I am vacationing at their house. She also walks me until I poopoo. Lola B and Lolo A always make my stay comfy and homey. :-)

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sleeping Akilla!

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Teeth Surprise

This was taken a few months back. Nope, I'm not showing off my teeth to my humans. I wasn't trying to give an irritating smile either. I was just so groggy and I wanted to lean on something. I was too lazy to look for my pillow so as I leaned at the grills of my crate as I was dozing off... and voila!

You don't normally see my teeth this way. This is indeed a priceless shot. :D

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Playing with My New Bud, Sandy

I met Sandy the rabbit at the very first pet party I attended. We started being close when we smelled each other's butts and then from there we knew that we have a certain 'chemistry.'

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Looking out the car window?

The air was cool and breezy on our way back home. Mom didn't turn on the car airconditioning and just rolled down the windows. I'm looking out the window while standing on her lap. Mom's driving slow because we didn't want the ride to end soon. It was one of the best car rides because we're not rushing, not going anywhere, the air is good and it's just -- lazy. Oh noes. That's what I'm turning into now - a lazy dog. mom likes me when I'm lazy. Ok, time to sleep!

Happy Pride

I didn't make it to the actual march but we were at Malate this evening to celebrate lgbt pride.I met lots of new friends. I had a long walk in the streets and I hung with mom's friends at the Penguin bar. I'm really behaved and mature now. They are happy that I can tag along with humans without any fuss and hassle. There were just a few times when I get angry and attempt to bite. I think those were the times when I'm already stressed. :-( sorry for those who I got victimized! I never mean to cause any trauma. :-D

Another happy thing was that mom made me eat chicken. It was super super yummy I can't stop begging. I hope I can have more of those again. :-)

Time to snooze now. I'm really tired from all the mingling and socializing. Happy pride to the lgbt community! :*


Friday, December 4, 2009


Here are photos from my first pet party last night. I met the two french hens sofie and amelie, pepper the siamese cat, sandy the rabbit and yogurt the chihuahua. :-) I got really exhausted from playing and getting along with everyone. Not all are friendly though. I've tried to reach out to Pepper and Yogurt. I wanted to kiss and lick them but they want me to stay away. :-( Maybe they'll be friendlier when we meet again. It just takes a little getting used to. In the end, I found Sandy the rabbit to be my closest bud. We got along pretty well. :-) You can see from the pics. :-)

I'm looking forward to my next pet party and I am hoping to meet and play with some pugs like me. :-)


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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Back At Home

After spending almost a week with my grandfolks, I'm finally back home. They missed me so much they let me sleep in the big bed even without my diaper. :-) They love me when I'm so sleepy because I do not react even if they attempt to squeeze my face.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Baby Is Now A Lady

Moms were shocked and worried to see red splotches of blood on my pillow yesterday (October 26). Later on they learned that I have already menstruated. My oh my. I didn't know that and I didn't even notice but I saw mom really worried. From what I heard, this will last for about 21 days and because of this, I can already have babies. My oh my! I am still a baby! I am only turning 8 months this November. I can't believe I am now a young lady. Hihihi.

Mom told me that I may notice some changes in me. Like now, my *toot* has grown a bit sore :c They told me I will be in heat. In heat? What's that? They are now extra careful whenever I take my potty walk. Mom read from a puggie help site that male dogs are able to smell my discharge for up to 3miles. No wonder we hear a lot of dogs barking from afar when I start to strut outside. I feel so very pretty and irresistable, just like a hot celebrity. The boys want me. But I don't want them. I just want to poop. Sometimes when they get really noisy I bark back and tell them to back off. I need to concentrate on my activity. I am not afraid of them big dogs. Especially when I am beside my mom. But mom is afraid because she carries me at once and then hurriedly takes me back inside the gate or inside the car.

I will also be spending a lot of time inside my cage for the next three weeks. I am still too young and cute to have a boyfriend and some babies so I will have to wait until I am more than a year old. I need to enjoy my youth first. I am still at my biting stage. I don't want to end up biting my babies. :D What's also sad is that for three weeks, I won't be able to play and lie in bed with my humans, unless they buy me a diaper! They are hesitant to do so because they are quite sure that I will bite the cotton from the diapers. I love cotton. I love eating pillows. And eating diapers will be an exciting experience. A must try. :-) But then again, I have to choose between biting diapers or being free to play in the big human bed.

It's getting late and I have to sleep. Hohum.. I will keep you posted on any developments!


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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Eagerly Waiting

"Wait lang baby ha?" I looked at my human telling me this. We were on hazard along commonwealth avenue, just beside the drive-thru. We're waiting for my other human who went at the photocopying store. I can already smell the food inside the car, but I remained behaved and quiet on my human's lap for 10minutes. I can't believe I lasted that long! I deserve some treats and lots of playtime!

Saturday Afternoon Ride

I think I'm really getting the hang of sitting at the driver's seat. Lately I've been wanting to sit here. I get fidgety on the passenger seat. They've attempted many times to transfer me at the other seat but I keep coming back here. Maybe it's because I feel the authority of being under the steering wheel. :-) This is taken on our way to the UP Oval. My humans grabbed some snacks from the drive-thru and suddenly decided to eat it picnic-style on vast grass. Before and after this shot, I was jumping around the car chasing the smell of the Jollibee palabok. I wish they'd give me some when we get to our picnic place. Wishin' and hopin' and dreamin'...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Me at 7 Months

I just turned 7months last Oct 8! :-) These were taken at Tiendesitas today. I had a great time roaming the villages. It was exhausting but being out is always fun fun fun!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sorry Granny

I don't know what gets into me but whenever I ride our blue car I become a naughty and excited lil puggie. I bark at the people outside the car, I bark at the guests at the backseat and I want to run around and jump on humans laps. I often bite (playfully) and get hysterical. I want to sit on mom's lap even when she's driving. I really can't help it. A while ago when my granny tried to hold me i wanted to break free so i accidentally scratched her face with my nails. Uh oh. I'm doomed. I am really sorry granny. :( I just get too excited whenever I'm riding the car.

Granny really can't wait for me to outgrow teething and biting. Moms also can't wait for me to become less hyper and more sweet and lazy. Hope humans can give me a little more patience. :-D I promise to be a good puggie, I promise to obey, just give me some cheese!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Akilla Pugdate: Adjusting to changes as I grow

Hello all. I haven't been writing 'coz a lot has happened and we're all very busy. We were struck with a tropical storm called Ondoy and it has harmed a lot of pets and humans. Moms and I are really lucky so we helped in little ways we can. Moms donated and helped with relief while I ensure they stay happy and stress-free by just being the adorable me. I pray that all the dogs and other animals who died in the tragedy are now happy in dog heaven and in all other animal heavens.

A lot has changed in my routine lately and I think I'm liking the changes. Moms have decided not to let me go to their office anymore. I only visit every once in a while. Since I already turned six months old last Sept 8, they think I am big enough to be left alone in the room during the day.

And so it started two weeks ago -- they leave me alone in the room, out of the cage, during the day while they are at work. They set aside some of their stuff and setup a small space in the room where I can run freely and sleep on the cold floor. I was a very good little puggie for two days. When they tiptoe to the door I make sure that I am behaved when they see me. But on the third day, I just got bored and accidentally left the room disastrous. I scattered and munched on moms clothes and chewed on slippers and rags. I also have scattered poop and pee. Uh oh. I was really doomed. My stomach got upset during the night and then I threw up and moms discovered small chunks of rubber in my barf. They were pieces from moms slippers. They decided to leave me inside my crate again so I can stay away from harm. I'm used to the small space anyway. Now i have no choice but to sleep, drink and chew on my pig ears. I need to prove to them that I can be a good puggie once more so they can let me roam the room again.

Mom has also discovered my craving for cheese. She gives me small chunks whenever I behave, or if she just cannot resist my charm. I also switched to adult food. It's even more exciting and enticing when Mom mixes some cheese on my doggie food. I'm a big dog now! :-)

When I was younger, mom wakes up with the smell of my poop. But now, there's no more poop hiding below my pillow because I can already hold the urge to relieve. After my morning meal, mom takes me out to potty walk. We have the same routine at night. After dinner, mom lets me potty again outside. It benefits us both. I no longer poop inside my crate, the room no longer stinks with my poop, I am guaranteed morning and evening walks and mom gets to exercise too!

Tonight I am sleeping over at my grandfolk's place because there was power failure in our house. The electricity went back after 10 minutes but we were already alighting the car and so we still went anyway. I am sleeping with Nina tonight. Cute and fuzzy Nina is my big doggie sis. She's been with my grandfolks for 9 years. I have her pic here.

Tomorrow is another day! I shall be walking in a different neighborhood. My poop is starting to leave marks in different places. I will be sharing all my experiences with you as we go along. Goodnight to y'all!


Monday, September 28, 2009

Helpless Dogs Affected by Ondoy - Please HELP!

Sept 28, 2009 at 12:37am

I know everyone is worried about the families affected by Ondoy, but if you still have room for sympathy, please please please focus a piece of your heart to the dogs who were affected by the storm.

I got this text earlier from PARC Philippine Animal Rehab Center of PAWS (Philippine Animal Welfare Society):
"Due to the devastation brought about by the storm, a lot of pets became casualties of the flash flood. PAWS opened its animal shelter as an evacuation center for pets who are victims of flood. We need donations of pet food, water (drinking water), antibiotics etc." - Nova from PAWS

The Philippine Animal Rehabilitation Center (PARC) is located at Aurora Boulevard corner Marcos Highway, Loyola Heights, Quezon City.
(see map below)

Office Hours is from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday.
Veterinary Services; available on Wednesday and Saturday.
For Neuter/Spay, please call 475-1688 for appointment.

Donations may be deposited in any of the following Bank.

Bank of the Philippine Islands
Swift no. BOPIPHMM
Bank of the Philippine Islands USD Account # 3944-0021-61
Bank of the PhIlippine Islands PHP Account # 3943-0086-11

Philippine National Bank
Swift no. PNBM PHMM
PHP Account#072-830174-0

* Reposted from Reklamo's FB Page

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Trying Out the Fierce Look

This is the fierce me. I've done many faces and most of them are either showing my tongue, or I am putting an act that I am charming (pity me look) so humans will not be able to resist me. This is effective whenever I ask to be fed, carried or put out of my cage. My tongue has been overexposed in my past posts, and I may already be overusing my pitiful/charming look so before it looses its power, I am trying what my mommy R and our housemates Tito Nick and Tita Kalai are often trying to achieve when they are being photographed: the fierce look. And since now I am already into modeling (special thanks to Ananda Kanani) might as well start practicing this pose and facial expression ;) What do you think? Does this look fierce to you?

This shot of me was taken last Sunday (August 30).


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Friday, August 28, 2009

Sorry I farted while sleeping. I woke up bec I heard my mom from the other room complaining about the smell :D
Scared of thunder. Was sleeping on the floor and then I jumped on mom's lap. Now back to snoozing... zzzZZZZzzz... Will wake up dinnertime.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Running Wild at the UP Oval

Ohhh wow see me going wild and hyper when mom took me to the grassy field in UP Oval. Of course I still can't resist biting the tip of mom's pants. It's my daily habit and moms often wonder when I'd stop. It's so addicting I get crazy biting I even let myself get dragged when they push their feet away.

After the run, we went at the Chocolate Kiss. It's their favorite eating place in UP because of the tasty iced tea and good food. Too bad I wasn't able to taste any human food. Been waiting under the table for food that might drop by accident but I was unlucky I didn't get any. Moms don't want me to eat human food because I may start not liking my doggie foodie. Everytime the waiters pass by they go down to me and say hi. They have big smiles for me. I will always love to come back to that place.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Akilla with the Ananda Kanani Shoot Team

I was brought to tag along the shoot of Ananda Kanani Accessories last Sunday. Mom 1 was the photographer and Mom2 was the stylist and accessory designer. I had lots of fun roaming around the UP campus! Yey! We were there in the morning and we were still there during my night time poop because moms watched a stage play. I ran around an open field, became an 'extra' model, met lots of new friends, ran at a stage and pissed in the theater. I pooped in grass, which I don't normally experience. I think by the end of the day, moms were already complaining of my pug stink. hihihi. Here are some of my snapshots taken earlier during the day.

I was just running around. The next thing I knew, I'm already a model! :-)

Posing with humans.

I'm good with cameras, don't you think? :-)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Strutting My Tongue!

After I've been really hyperactive chasing and jumping on humans. :D

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Quiet Car Ride

I am usually hyperactive inside the car. But this time I'm chill. Is it because of Marvin Gaye?

I Am A Grunge Pug!

I got a new flannel shirt today! They let me fit it while on our way home from the mall. :-) Does it look good on me?

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Vote For Me As the Top Twittering Dog

Hi there pugpals and humans. I entered a contest in tweeterwall and I have just been ousted from the top 20. It makes me sad. :-( I need your help. I hope you can vote for me on the wall so I can be back on the Top 20. My twitter user is @Akillapug. Just click the plus sign on my mugshot. As of now I am at number 21.

You may vote for me in this link:

Thank you for your support!


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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Goodbye to My Kitty Anipals

Hangin' out at Lolo and Lola's house and playing with Tito Aaron. I'd like to say hi to my anipal kumares Nina the half maltese/terier and half askal cutee dog, and the soon to leave Aruba. We will miss Aruba and her little kitties, Aloha, Shalom and Aaron. Can anyone please adopt them? :-(

Here's what my anipal Kitty, Aruba wrote at Tita Mabel's blog:

Hello. Around a month ago, I gave birth to three little kittens. The Dizon family called them Aloha, Shalom and Aaron. They gave us a place to stay since I still need to feed them. They played and cuddled with us everyday!

Now they' re growing up, they start to poop everywhere. They scratch the tires and screen doors too. It breaks their hearts but they decided to give us away. They'll grow up more and so would their poops. They can't raise the three of them since I always leave (for a reason I cannot tell). So Mr. Dizon said they'll bring two of my babies and I to UP where people bring books and study. It makes me really sad. We only need good souls who would feed us and give us a safe ground to sleep on. I hope to find one soon.

We will miss the Dizon family, the ninangs, ninongs and my kumares. I know they'll miss us just the same.


Here are some photos from Tita Mabel. We hope you can help us find the little kitties a home. :'(

Hanging out with Tito Aaron

Little Aaron and Aloha

Mommy Aruba


See and download the full gallery on posterous

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Loving My Vitamins

Akilla at 2months. Her first taste of the pup vitamins :D

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Sticking Out My Fat Tongue

Akilla relaxing in her cage and showing off her fat tongue.

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Akilla is Using Posterous

Trying out posterous to keep Akilla's site updated by just emailing. :-)

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Friday, July 3, 2009

Akilla at my Office Chair

Akilla goes with us to office everyday. And she'll be here until she becomes a nuisance to the office. :P We feel sad leaving her alone in the house and I can always imagine her stepping on her poop and being all dirty when we arrive home.

Here is Akilla, sitting on my office chair. She loves to sleep at my back but she immediately wakes up when I get up to get coffee. She follows me around. And it's a nice feeling. :D

Akilla just woke up in these photos. She often gives this questioning look as if she's asking 'Mommy, where are you going?'

Photos taken with Sony Ericsson P1i

Friday, June 12, 2009

Infant Akilla

I was browsing through my photo albums when I saw Akilla's picture the first time we met her on April 19. She was so small, so cute. I wished that she would never grow up. I would love her to stay so tiny like this, but as she grows (now turning 4 months), she becomes more hyper and stubborn. So now I wish she'd grow bigger, faster. We give her vitamins, and more food than ever. So she'll become so fat and lazy. But anyway, here she is when she was very, very tiny and cute :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Third Vaccine Shot

May 18, 2009

This was our second trip to the vet. This is also the third time i was shot with anti-bacterial vaccine. I was also de-wormed.

I am wondering what they'd do to me now. I look slim don't I? :)

Yummy! This medicine tastes good. After crying for being pricked by a sharp needle, I was given a reward after all.

Vacationing at Grand Folks' House

It's my second day vacationing here at grandfolks' house. I haven't been with mommies since yesterday. My mom 1 is being nursed at the hospital while my mom 2 is also working and sleeping at the hospital at night. I can't go to the hospital cause lola and lolo said I might get the flu. I wonder what that is.

I have been on my cage since yesterday, every once in a while, their kid neighbors and relatives take a peek at me and say hi. Since grand folks are also at the hospital, I have a temporary yaya Jovi. Whenever I reach out to be carried and let out I think she is scared of me and I don't know why. I've such an adorable face, why doesn't she want to cuddle me? But I'm ok with it because she gives me foodie and she cleans my poopies. :D

Wishing to see my mommies soon.

Akilla the pretty pug

Sunday, June 7, 2009

What a Day!

We're all about to sleep. Mommies each have small tv-like toys in their hands while I have my trusty neon green bone teether beside me. I'm too lazy to munch. Mommy 2's toy has little cute kids singing while mommy 1's - she just keeps tapping. I wish I can sleep on the big bed but I get too hyper and energetic when I set foot on it. Big beds remind me of playtime.

I got pierced by two big needles earlier and they also had my nails cut. I did't like the experience. I was shouting in pain but they didn't seem to hear me :( I peed and pooped on the vet table out of trauma. :(

I forgot about that at once when they gave me a big serving of my lamb and rice foodie when we got home. Everything went back to normal. Food relieved me of all negative vibes. :) By the way, am not allowed to bathe in the next five days. Hope I won't smell too much. :)

Ok I'm groggy now. Dozing off in a few. Goodnight pals!

I'm On Twitter!

Having a facebook is harder to keep and it's easier finding pug pals on twitter. :D
Add me and let's share stories about being cute, playful, funny, hungry and how I'd do anything for food and a lot of lovin'.

Click this link for Akillapug's Twitter Page
I'm here at Lola B's house. I dozed off on her tummy a while ago. It's a lazy Sunday afternoon. Mommy A is busy tinkering with her laptop and I've been exerting all my efforts climbing up her lap and trying to get her attention. She picked me up one time but when I attempted to type something on the keyboard, she called my attention and put me down.

She's munching a tuna sandwhich and it's looking good. I wonder how it tastes? Can it be as tasty as my dogfood? Hmm. I'm bored. I still have to wait two hours before my eating time :(

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hidden Motive

Today my mommies woke up and were horrified to see smashed poop on my mat.They just took the mat away.That was the third mat I was using. All the others are still being dried up. I can't help not pooping on these mats. I think I'll continue pooping in mats until mommies finally decide to buy me that nice, comfy and really expensive crate in Tiensesitas. (evil laugh)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Tee from Ninang Jetty!

Dear Ninang Jetty,

Thank you for the fab pasalubong. I really like the tee because it fits me perfectly!

I look so good in it even if they say I look like a barumbadong manong.

So I just try my best to project and look like a shy little girl.

She-ra likes my my new get-up too! :-)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Akilla Attitude #1: Eating my own poop!

We were horrified to see Akilla having a taste of her own poop the other day! Being a concerned mommy, I immediately researched its causes and effects and then I stumbled into this article:

Q: I caught my Pug Sophie eating another dog's poop in the back yard. She ate the whole thing!!!!!!! Why would she do this? How unhealthy/unsafe is this? How can I prevent her from doing this again besides watching her all the time? (She loves to walk around the neighborhood off the leash and I let her do this in the mornings and evenings when it is dark and I cannot see what she is sniffing/eating). Owner Arlette , Pug Sophie

A: Hi Arlette. You are certainly not alone with this issue. So many dog owners are horrified when they see their cute little Pug eating poop! However, there are valid reasons why a dog does this.

The most common reason is that a dog is not receiving enough nutrients. This is not to say that you do not feed Sophie a good doggie diet! However, most likely she is lacking a nutrient or mineral.

This also happens if a dog owner, in an attempt to deal with the shocking economy of today's world, opts to buy generic dog food instead of a high quality and well known dog food. The dog's body will be craving the nutrients and minerals that it needs and will often resort to eating poop.

If a dog is fed cheap dog food, their dog poop will have a large amount of undigested food still in it. The dog poop that your Pug ate, most likely came from a dog who was fed cheap dog food and left behind what your Pug interpreted as food!

Why does this happen? Because with low quality dog food, the food is not processed in a way that is best for a dog's digestive system. That very cheap dog food will then pass through the dog's body and will not be fully digested. This results in dog poop that has chunks of undigested food still in it. Then, that dog or another dog who is lacking nutrients will eat the dog poop.

It is highly recommended to do a check on your Pug's dog food. Has she grown quite a bit from that last time your chose a dog food? Perhaps she is ready to advance from puppy food to dog food or from adult dog food to senior dog food. Is Sophie taking a daily dog food supplement? If so, are you sure that she is swallowing it? (Dogs can be sneaky!).

Regarding your question of safety, no this is not safe:
  • The dog poop can contain disease infested bugs that carry Heartworms.
  • If the dog who left the "gift'" there has just about any type of worms, these will be in the poop and your Pug will ingest the worms which can be a huge health issue!
In regard to your question about how to prevent this without having to watch her all the time. The only way is to watch your Pug all of the time. While she may certainly love her freedom of being able to run without a leash, this is very unsafe for a dog. Not only because she may eat dog poop, but also because, if you cannot see what she is doing:
  • She may eat a rodent or lizard - the 2 most common carriers of Hookworms and Roundworms, thus carrying these parasites into your Pug and causing severe health issues
  • She may one day run where you do not expect her to: the road where there is an oncoming car!
  • She may eat poisonous mushrooms
  • She may run into tall grass where a tick can easily attach to her
  • She may chase a small animal, run further and faster than you ever expected and then become lost
While it is may be fun to watch Sophie enjoy running free, for her safely, you will want to begin getting her used to a leash. As you know, we do not think of the worst scenarios until they happen...and then it is too late.


In Akilla's case -- She had an allergic reaction (a small rash in the head) to the chicken flavored Eukanuba Puppy dog food. A dog lover and a pet shop owner (in E.Rodriguez) suggested that we try a different brand of dog food -- 'Vitality'. It's a lamb and beef flavored dog food which has a more pleasant smell. He also mentioned that the dog poop won't smell as bad too. Upon reading the article above, we immediately switched back to Eukanuba Puppy. Akilla no longer eats her poop. We also realized that the reason why 'Vitality' leaves dogs poops smelling good is because it is not properly digested. It probably still has chunks of undigested dog food so Akilla attempted to eat it. Lesson learned: stick with the more expensive and highly recommended dog food. If Akilla is prone to allergy with Eukanuba's chicken flavor, we might as well try it's lamb flavor. Anything for the baby. :-)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Trip to the Vet

050409 - Akilla's second shot and deworming

This is the look Akilla wore as soon as we entered the vet. She was welcomed by two chihuahuas and one poodle. We attempted to let her walk on the floor and play with the toy dogs but they barked at her so loud she shuddered. :( Even if Akilla is frightened, she still wears her po-po-po-poker face.

Akilla's second shot. She's a very brave puppy.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Akilla Turns 2 Months Today!

Akilla is born on March 8, 2009. March 8 is International Women's Day.

Happy second month, Akilla!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Shopwise Mischief


Before work ended, Mommies suddenly decided to buy an extra electric fan for our room. Since Akilla tags along with us at work everyday, we decided to bring Akilla to Shopwise even if we're not sure if she's allowed there :D

While we're about to park, we noticed a no pets allowed sign on the door. I placed Akilla inside my bag and planned to just walk Mommy R to the door and wait for her to buy all the stuff we need while Akilla and I will just hang out in the car. But as we were walking, we had this naughty plan of trying to walk through the door to try and test if the guard will inspect my bag and not let Akilla in. We walked in casually and got thru! The guard didn't even notice Akilla's head popping out of the bag.

So this is Akilla's first Shopwise experience. She does not look excited because she always wears her po-po-po-poker face. :D

I have to hold on to her neck because I don't wanna leave her head dangling. :D She's pretty comfortable inside the bag she even fell asleep. I wonder until when she'll fit in it? Akilla has already grown a couple of cm's in three weeks!
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