Friday, June 12, 2009

Infant Akilla

I was browsing through my photo albums when I saw Akilla's picture the first time we met her on April 19. She was so small, so cute. I wished that she would never grow up. I would love her to stay so tiny like this, but as she grows (now turning 4 months), she becomes more hyper and stubborn. So now I wish she'd grow bigger, faster. We give her vitamins, and more food than ever. So she'll become so fat and lazy. But anyway, here she is when she was very, very tiny and cute :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Third Vaccine Shot

May 18, 2009

This was our second trip to the vet. This is also the third time i was shot with anti-bacterial vaccine. I was also de-wormed.

I am wondering what they'd do to me now. I look slim don't I? :)

Yummy! This medicine tastes good. After crying for being pricked by a sharp needle, I was given a reward after all.

Vacationing at Grand Folks' House

It's my second day vacationing here at grandfolks' house. I haven't been with mommies since yesterday. My mom 1 is being nursed at the hospital while my mom 2 is also working and sleeping at the hospital at night. I can't go to the hospital cause lola and lolo said I might get the flu. I wonder what that is.

I have been on my cage since yesterday, every once in a while, their kid neighbors and relatives take a peek at me and say hi. Since grand folks are also at the hospital, I have a temporary yaya Jovi. Whenever I reach out to be carried and let out I think she is scared of me and I don't know why. I've such an adorable face, why doesn't she want to cuddle me? But I'm ok with it because she gives me foodie and she cleans my poopies. :D

Wishing to see my mommies soon.

Akilla the pretty pug

Sunday, June 7, 2009

What a Day!

We're all about to sleep. Mommies each have small tv-like toys in their hands while I have my trusty neon green bone teether beside me. I'm too lazy to munch. Mommy 2's toy has little cute kids singing while mommy 1's - she just keeps tapping. I wish I can sleep on the big bed but I get too hyper and energetic when I set foot on it. Big beds remind me of playtime.

I got pierced by two big needles earlier and they also had my nails cut. I did't like the experience. I was shouting in pain but they didn't seem to hear me :( I peed and pooped on the vet table out of trauma. :(

I forgot about that at once when they gave me a big serving of my lamb and rice foodie when we got home. Everything went back to normal. Food relieved me of all negative vibes. :) By the way, am not allowed to bathe in the next five days. Hope I won't smell too much. :)

Ok I'm groggy now. Dozing off in a few. Goodnight pals!

I'm On Twitter!

Having a facebook is harder to keep and it's easier finding pug pals on twitter. :D
Add me and let's share stories about being cute, playful, funny, hungry and how I'd do anything for food and a lot of lovin'.

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I'm here at Lola B's house. I dozed off on her tummy a while ago. It's a lazy Sunday afternoon. Mommy A is busy tinkering with her laptop and I've been exerting all my efforts climbing up her lap and trying to get her attention. She picked me up one time but when I attempted to type something on the keyboard, she called my attention and put me down.

She's munching a tuna sandwhich and it's looking good. I wonder how it tastes? Can it be as tasty as my dogfood? Hmm. I'm bored. I still have to wait two hours before my eating time :(

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hidden Motive

Today my mommies woke up and were horrified to see smashed poop on my mat.They just took the mat away.That was the third mat I was using. All the others are still being dried up. I can't help not pooping on these mats. I think I'll continue pooping in mats until mommies finally decide to buy me that nice, comfy and really expensive crate in Tiensesitas. (evil laugh)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Tee from Ninang Jetty!

Dear Ninang Jetty,

Thank you for the fab pasalubong. I really like the tee because it fits me perfectly!

I look so good in it even if they say I look like a barumbadong manong.

So I just try my best to project and look like a shy little girl.

She-ra likes my my new get-up too! :-)