Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Baby Is Now A Lady

Moms were shocked and worried to see red splotches of blood on my pillow yesterday (October 26). Later on they learned that I have already menstruated. My oh my. I didn't know that and I didn't even notice but I saw mom really worried. From what I heard, this will last for about 21 days and because of this, I can already have babies. My oh my! I am still a baby! I am only turning 8 months this November. I can't believe I am now a young lady. Hihihi.

Mom told me that I may notice some changes in me. Like now, my *toot* has grown a bit sore :c They told me I will be in heat. In heat? What's that? They are now extra careful whenever I take my potty walk. Mom read from a puggie help site that male dogs are able to smell my discharge for up to 3miles. No wonder we hear a lot of dogs barking from afar when I start to strut outside. I feel so very pretty and irresistable, just like a hot celebrity. The boys want me. But I don't want them. I just want to poop. Sometimes when they get really noisy I bark back and tell them to back off. I need to concentrate on my activity. I am not afraid of them big dogs. Especially when I am beside my mom. But mom is afraid because she carries me at once and then hurriedly takes me back inside the gate or inside the car.

I will also be spending a lot of time inside my cage for the next three weeks. I am still too young and cute to have a boyfriend and some babies so I will have to wait until I am more than a year old. I need to enjoy my youth first. I am still at my biting stage. I don't want to end up biting my babies. :D What's also sad is that for three weeks, I won't be able to play and lie in bed with my humans, unless they buy me a diaper! They are hesitant to do so because they are quite sure that I will bite the cotton from the diapers. I love cotton. I love eating pillows. And eating diapers will be an exciting experience. A must try. :-) But then again, I have to choose between biting diapers or being free to play in the big human bed.

It's getting late and I have to sleep. Hohum.. I will keep you posted on any developments!


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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Eagerly Waiting

"Wait lang baby ha?" I looked at my human telling me this. We were on hazard along commonwealth avenue, just beside the drive-thru. We're waiting for my other human who went at the photocopying store. I can already smell the food inside the car, but I remained behaved and quiet on my human's lap for 10minutes. I can't believe I lasted that long! I deserve some treats and lots of playtime!

Saturday Afternoon Ride

I think I'm really getting the hang of sitting at the driver's seat. Lately I've been wanting to sit here. I get fidgety on the passenger seat. They've attempted many times to transfer me at the other seat but I keep coming back here. Maybe it's because I feel the authority of being under the steering wheel. :-) This is taken on our way to the UP Oval. My humans grabbed some snacks from the drive-thru and suddenly decided to eat it picnic-style on vast grass. Before and after this shot, I was jumping around the car chasing the smell of the Jollibee palabok. I wish they'd give me some when we get to our picnic place. Wishin' and hopin' and dreamin'...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Me at 7 Months

I just turned 7months last Oct 8! :-) These were taken at Tiendesitas today. I had a great time roaming the villages. It was exhausting but being out is always fun fun fun!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sorry Granny

I don't know what gets into me but whenever I ride our blue car I become a naughty and excited lil puggie. I bark at the people outside the car, I bark at the guests at the backseat and I want to run around and jump on humans laps. I often bite (playfully) and get hysterical. I want to sit on mom's lap even when she's driving. I really can't help it. A while ago when my granny tried to hold me i wanted to break free so i accidentally scratched her face with my nails. Uh oh. I'm doomed. I am really sorry granny. :( I just get too excited whenever I'm riding the car.

Granny really can't wait for me to outgrow teething and biting. Moms also can't wait for me to become less hyper and more sweet and lazy. Hope humans can give me a little more patience. :-D I promise to be a good puggie, I promise to obey, just give me some cheese!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Akilla Pugdate: Adjusting to changes as I grow

Hello all. I haven't been writing 'coz a lot has happened and we're all very busy. We were struck with a tropical storm called Ondoy and it has harmed a lot of pets and humans. Moms and I are really lucky so we helped in little ways we can. Moms donated and helped with relief while I ensure they stay happy and stress-free by just being the adorable me. I pray that all the dogs and other animals who died in the tragedy are now happy in dog heaven and in all other animal heavens.

A lot has changed in my routine lately and I think I'm liking the changes. Moms have decided not to let me go to their office anymore. I only visit every once in a while. Since I already turned six months old last Sept 8, they think I am big enough to be left alone in the room during the day.

And so it started two weeks ago -- they leave me alone in the room, out of the cage, during the day while they are at work. They set aside some of their stuff and setup a small space in the room where I can run freely and sleep on the cold floor. I was a very good little puggie for two days. When they tiptoe to the door I make sure that I am behaved when they see me. But on the third day, I just got bored and accidentally left the room disastrous. I scattered and munched on moms clothes and chewed on slippers and rags. I also have scattered poop and pee. Uh oh. I was really doomed. My stomach got upset during the night and then I threw up and moms discovered small chunks of rubber in my barf. They were pieces from moms slippers. They decided to leave me inside my crate again so I can stay away from harm. I'm used to the small space anyway. Now i have no choice but to sleep, drink and chew on my pig ears. I need to prove to them that I can be a good puggie once more so they can let me roam the room again.

Mom has also discovered my craving for cheese. She gives me small chunks whenever I behave, or if she just cannot resist my charm. I also switched to adult food. It's even more exciting and enticing when Mom mixes some cheese on my doggie food. I'm a big dog now! :-)

When I was younger, mom wakes up with the smell of my poop. But now, there's no more poop hiding below my pillow because I can already hold the urge to relieve. After my morning meal, mom takes me out to potty walk. We have the same routine at night. After dinner, mom lets me potty again outside. It benefits us both. I no longer poop inside my crate, the room no longer stinks with my poop, I am guaranteed morning and evening walks and mom gets to exercise too!

Tonight I am sleeping over at my grandfolk's place because there was power failure in our house. The electricity went back after 10 minutes but we were already alighting the car and so we still went anyway. I am sleeping with Nina tonight. Cute and fuzzy Nina is my big doggie sis. She's been with my grandfolks for 9 years. I have her pic here.

Tomorrow is another day! I shall be walking in a different neighborhood. My poop is starting to leave marks in different places. I will be sharing all my experiences with you as we go along. Goodnight to y'all!