Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Shopwise Mischief


Before work ended, Mommies suddenly decided to buy an extra electric fan for our room. Since Akilla tags along with us at work everyday, we decided to bring Akilla to Shopwise even if we're not sure if she's allowed there :D

While we're about to park, we noticed a no pets allowed sign on the door. I placed Akilla inside my bag and planned to just walk Mommy R to the door and wait for her to buy all the stuff we need while Akilla and I will just hang out in the car. But as we were walking, we had this naughty plan of trying to walk through the door to try and test if the guard will inspect my bag and not let Akilla in. We walked in casually and got thru! The guard didn't even notice Akilla's head popping out of the bag.

So this is Akilla's first Shopwise experience. She does not look excited because she always wears her po-po-po-poker face. :D

I have to hold on to her neck because I don't wanna leave her head dangling. :D She's pretty comfortable inside the bag she even fell asleep. I wonder until when she'll fit in it? Akilla has already grown a couple of cm's in three weeks!

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