Saturday, December 26, 2009

Me and Lola on Christmas Day

Lola B gives me food and bathes me whenever I am vacationing at their house. She also walks me until I poopoo. Lola B and Lolo A always make my stay comfy and homey. :-)

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sleeping Akilla!

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Teeth Surprise

This was taken a few months back. Nope, I'm not showing off my teeth to my humans. I wasn't trying to give an irritating smile either. I was just so groggy and I wanted to lean on something. I was too lazy to look for my pillow so as I leaned at the grills of my crate as I was dozing off... and voila!

You don't normally see my teeth this way. This is indeed a priceless shot. :D

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Playing with My New Bud, Sandy

I met Sandy the rabbit at the very first pet party I attended. We started being close when we smelled each other's butts and then from there we knew that we have a certain 'chemistry.'

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Looking out the car window?

The air was cool and breezy on our way back home. Mom didn't turn on the car airconditioning and just rolled down the windows. I'm looking out the window while standing on her lap. Mom's driving slow because we didn't want the ride to end soon. It was one of the best car rides because we're not rushing, not going anywhere, the air is good and it's just -- lazy. Oh noes. That's what I'm turning into now - a lazy dog. mom likes me when I'm lazy. Ok, time to sleep!

Happy Pride

I didn't make it to the actual march but we were at Malate this evening to celebrate lgbt pride.I met lots of new friends. I had a long walk in the streets and I hung with mom's friends at the Penguin bar. I'm really behaved and mature now. They are happy that I can tag along with humans without any fuss and hassle. There were just a few times when I get angry and attempt to bite. I think those were the times when I'm already stressed. :-( sorry for those who I got victimized! I never mean to cause any trauma. :-D

Another happy thing was that mom made me eat chicken. It was super super yummy I can't stop begging. I hope I can have more of those again. :-)

Time to snooze now. I'm really tired from all the mingling and socializing. Happy pride to the lgbt community! :*


Friday, December 4, 2009


Here are photos from my first pet party last night. I met the two french hens sofie and amelie, pepper the siamese cat, sandy the rabbit and yogurt the chihuahua. :-) I got really exhausted from playing and getting along with everyone. Not all are friendly though. I've tried to reach out to Pepper and Yogurt. I wanted to kiss and lick them but they want me to stay away. :-( Maybe they'll be friendlier when we meet again. It just takes a little getting used to. In the end, I found Sandy the rabbit to be my closest bud. We got along pretty well. :-) You can see from the pics. :-)

I'm looking forward to my next pet party and I am hoping to meet and play with some pugs like me. :-)


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