Thursday, December 9, 2010

111710 Come Pick Me Up

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Lazy Day

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pity Me, I'm A Busy Bee!

August 4 - 10Am
Wearing my busy bee hoodie to work today. I love the outfit but as usual I'm too sleepy to pose. I've been a sleepy head lately. My humans love it when I'm snoozie, they can squeeze my face all they want and I wouldn't mind.

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ever Curious Akilla Pug Waits in the Car

FRAME 1: Akilla: Are We There Yet?
FRAME 2: Akilla: Are We There Yet?
FRAME 3: Akilla: Are We There Yet?
FRAME 4: Akilla: Are We There Yet?
FRAME 5: Akilla: ...

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Akilla Pug Pleads Not To Be Left Alone in the Vet

I had my checkup last Saturday. It was my second visit to my alternative vet, The Animal House, just along Aurora Boulevard and Balete Drive. I was due for 5 in 1, Canine Bronchial and Anti-Rabies vaccines. They also gave me a deworming tablet (coated with Cesar dog food) and one-year worth of heartworm vaccine (so I won't have to take Heartgard every month).

I met Doc Mary and Kuya, her assistant, for the first time. They were friendly and gentle. But because I had a traumatic experience with an angry bulldog in Tiendesitas months back, I am not really used to having new humans around. I was terrified and they were trying to pacify me. My eyes were glued to my moms and I used all my pity-face charm to quietly plead for them not to leave me with my new acquaintances. My mom took this photo as my chest skin was being scraped by Doc Mary for parasite tests. Don't leave me here, pretty please???? :-(

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Goodbye Nina (2000 - 2010)

Thank you for the wonderful ten years that you spent with us. You will be missed...

We love you, Nina. Rest in Peace.

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Me in My New Striped Tee

It's really hot where I am so mom just let me wear this long sleeved tee for a while. I really like it, it fits me perfectly! But I had to go naked again after this photo op. :-)

 Told you it's really hot here. My lips dry up so quick! When my lips dry up, this is the smile I give. I look uglier than the usual cute-ugly. With this smile, I am now ugly-ugly.

That's all for now :-) Hope you like my new outfit. I'd be able to wear this when the weather gets cooler. 



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Friday, May 21, 2010

Akilla taking a bath!

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Getting By

Dear Friends,

It's been a while since i shared some news. And I trully miss my anipals.

Its really tough adjusting with the heat and I have my tongue stuck out most of the time :-s To help me cool down, mom gives me a frozen plastic container. She fills it with water and puts it in the freezer. I love licking the cool block until I fall asleep hugging it. :-)

Weeks ago, i had bald spots because of the stress with the heat. My body mites took over! So i had to be dipped in a solution every week + i was bathed with medicated soap every other day. I am also taking vitamins.

Now my coat is back to being black and shiny. :-)

That's all for now! Mom has to use the computer! ;-)

Akilla Pug

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Akilla Sketched by Artistmonk

Thank you Artistmonk. I feel like a celebrity! :-)

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Stop and Smell the Tree Bark

Here I was this afternoon at the middle of my poop walk :-) Tree barks really make me stop. Next to tire mags, a tree bark's smell is really interesting ;-)

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Seventh Med Day

I've been on meds for a week now. My grandfolks said i grew fat. Maybe its because of the steroids in taking?

So far everything's ok and i've been surronded with attention and good food :-)

In the morning before my meal, i take a crushed tab mixed in peanut butter. Yummy!

My real breakfast has 1/2 green tablet for my trachea and a 1/4 white tab which are also crushed and mixed with hot water, Cesar beef and liver and ProPlan lamb and rice.

At noon, a red tab is crushed and mixed in hot water plus peanut butter. Yum!

And then i get the same at dinnertime!

Alright time to sleep now! Goodnight my anipals!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My First Birthday :-)

Hmm this looks tasty!

Yippeee I got to lick off the sweet icing!

Posing with Lolo Arnel and Patwick. Patwick says hi :-)

Posing with Lola Bernie while Patwick's not paying attention.

Eager for the big surprise!

Wow! Looks yummy :-) My jaw dropped.

Concentrating. Mental telepathy. I'm sayin' "Come near. Come near. Let me eat yeah. "

I got a lot of food and treats! Yey! Yummy yum yum licky licky!!!

Happy with Mommy A! :-)

With Tita Mabel who came from her college pictorial :-)

Thank you for the pics, Tito Aaron :-)
More pics to come!



Baby Akilla (2.5 months) Walking in UP

Cute little Akilla's weekend stroll at UP Diliman last May 2009.
This is how I looked when I was little!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Everything Ok..

After taking three different oral meds this morning and one at noon, Akilla's peacefully sleeping beside me at my workstation. I hope the meds don't have any negative side effect.

Thank you to everyone who expressed their concern and love for the sick baby Akilla. Let's hope she recovers fast. :-)


Mommy A

Today's Visit at the Vet: I Have Tracheal Collapse and Anemia :(

I have been having coughing fits since last night when we jogged. My humans thought the honking sound was caused by me accidentally strangling myself with my harness because I'm pulling too hard. But the honking sound went on until the following day and it got all of them worried.

And so mom and I took a trip to the vet. This is my third vet, The Animal House, and it's along Aurora Boulevard in Cubao. (It's She-ra's vet too!)

When we arrived, we were greeted by the vet assistants and were asked to wait in line. While waiting, I met a 3-month old baby fawn pug who got her shots. There were also a lot of animals in cages, and most of them were shitzus who just had their hair trimmed.

They weighed me in a big digital scale. I now weigh 14lbs. They also took my temperature and they stuck the thermometer in my butt :( I was really embarrassed. :-(

The vet asked us a few questions about my appetite and my cough. She told mom that they need to see my x-ray. Having my x-ray done was my most dreaded moment. :-( I was left inside the room with two men. I was screaming and shouting for help but my mom was outside and I was afraid of the dark :-( I really hated those men I almost bit them. But after the x-ray, my mom told me that they were our good friends and i that should not be afraid.

The x-ray showed that I have a narrowing trachea (windpipe) or Tracheal Collapse due to softening of the cartilage rings. You may check out this site for more info on the disease. According to the petplace website, these may be the cause of Tracheal Collapse:

Other possible presenting signs are intolerance to exercise, labored breathing and cyanosis (bluish tinge to the gums). Excitement, eating, drinking, irritants like smoke or dust, obesity, excitement and hot or humid weather may provoke a coughing spasm.

The cause of the collapse is unknown, but there are probably several factors at play. Abnormal synthesis of the components that make up the cartilage found in the trachea is believed to be the cause of tracheal weakness. The weakened trachea flattens from top to bottom, obstructing the flow of air in and out of the lungs.

There are other possible causes of tracheal collapse, such as congenital defects, chronic airway disease, trauma and tumors that compress the trachea from the outside. There are other conditions that can cause coughing, and this can exacerbate the collapse of the trachea.

Good thing they already had me checked, before it gets worse. The vet told us that I can easily recover if I follow the medications.

The vet gave me a medicine called Doxycycline and I am going to take it twice daily for 30 days.

I thought that I would no longer fret and it's over after the x-ray but the vet said that they have to get some of my blood (CBC) to check for possible infections. It was not as traumatic as the x-ray experience because mom was on my side. The results showed that I was free from infections but I had low platelet count. The vet said that I am anemic so they gave me more meds. All in all I have 4 different meds which I will take starting tomorrow. It also includes meds for hyper acidity and iron.

I hope to be better soon. :-) Thank you for taking time to read my vet visit story.



Sunday, March 7, 2010

Thank you for the lovely year!

My dear humans and anipals,

I just turned one year old today :-) (March 8, 2010)

Yesterday I had a small party with my anipals Nina the native+terrier who's my constant companion, Shalom - my kitty bestfriend who never gets tired of my kisses, Aruba - shalom's mom and her new kitties, Scotch the toy poodle, Shera the persian cat, my housemate, and Pepper the siamese cat. Thank you for celebrating with me! Thank you also to their humans tita che, tita dalin, tito nick, tita kalai, tito aaron and also to tita marjo and tito jay and tito nelie.

I received lots of treats! I also had balloons and the humans had pancit, cake, sushi, ice cream, banggus and chips with yummy dip. I got to taste the bangus and dip! :p They sung songs in the vdeoke and I joined them by barking :-)

Thank you to all my human friends and anipals for everything we shared on my first year :-)

Special mention to the pugpack and my twitter friends. :-)

Most especially to my lovely family for taking care of me :-) Mommy A and Mommy R, lola bernie, lolo arnel, tita mabel and tito andrew, my kiddie friends Lex, Yobe, Gianne, my
officemates Tito Mark, Tita Hix who I love to tease, Tito Tony, Tita Al who calls me chukuy and everyone i crossed paths with :-)

Thank you for preparing my morning and night meals.
For poop walking me and picking my poop everyday.
For bathing me every other day.
For cleaning my crate/cage.
For giving me treats.
For teaching me how to sit.
For bringing me to my regular checkups.
For taking care of me when I'm sick.
For curing my allergies.
For giving me groovy clothes and manong sandos and 80s dresses.
For walking me.
For bringing me to trips.
For tirelessly playing with me.
For laughing at the faces I make.

I will do my best to be a good pug. I will return the favor by always making you smile and laugh at my funny acts and faces esp when I'm sleepy.

On my second year, my goal is to eat more, play more and sleep more! I am looking forward to meeting more new human and animal friends :-)

I love you all and thank you for all the birthday greetings!


Friday, January 29, 2010

Waiting for the weekend

I've been away from my home for almost two weeks now. but I have a second home and I'm under the care of my grannies and aunts and uncles. I miss my little purple cage and sleeping in the soft big bed beside my humans. But I love the attention and daily baths I'm getting with my grannies. When I'm home, I am left alone when my humans are at work. But when I'm with my grannies, I have company the whole day.

I wonder when they'd take me to the office again? I miss sleeping at mom's office chair :-)

Can't wait for the weekend. Moms are taking me out :-)

Oh and it's my aunt Anabelle's 21st birthday!!! Can't wait!


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tired From Work

Been working straight. Really tired.

Fell asleep on the couch.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

When Akilla was still small!:)

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Waiting for the Bread

Akilla asking for the bread I'm holding. Say sit and she sits! :') -- Tito Aaron

Thanks Tito Aaron!



Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bathing Time

We went to my Grandfolks' house before New Year's eve to meet up with my titos dru, aaron and tita mabel because they planned to go to Tiendesitas. The place where there's lots of treats and cutee doggies.

Lola did not allow me to go unless I take a bath. So here I am. Everyone's ready to go but I still have to bathe so I won't have pugstink. :D Lola bathed me outside the house. This is me while everyone's watching.

Before going to Tiende, we dropped off the car to the repair shop. I'm really anxious 'coz it's taking forever. After this scene, we finally headed straight to our destination. :-) Hooray Tiendesitas!

Photos by Tito Dru.