Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Trying Out the Fierce Look

This is the fierce me. I've done many faces and most of them are either showing my tongue, or I am putting an act that I am charming (pity me look) so humans will not be able to resist me. This is effective whenever I ask to be fed, carried or put out of my cage. My tongue has been overexposed in my past posts, and I may already be overusing my pitiful/charming look so before it looses its power, I am trying what my mommy R and our housemates Tito Nick and Tita Kalai are often trying to achieve when they are being photographed: the fierce look. And since now I am already into modeling (special thanks to Ananda Kanani) might as well start practicing this pose and facial expression ;) What do you think? Does this look fierce to you?

This shot of me was taken last Sunday (August 30).


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