Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bathing Time

We went to my Grandfolks' house before New Year's eve to meet up with my titos dru, aaron and tita mabel because they planned to go to Tiendesitas. The place where there's lots of treats and cutee doggies.

Lola did not allow me to go unless I take a bath. So here I am. Everyone's ready to go but I still have to bathe so I won't have pugstink. :D Lola bathed me outside the house. This is me while everyone's watching.

Before going to Tiende, we dropped off the car to the repair shop. I'm really anxious 'coz it's taking forever. After this scene, we finally headed straight to our destination. :-) Hooray Tiendesitas!

Photos by Tito Dru.

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