Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Akilla Pug Pleads Not To Be Left Alone in the Vet

I had my checkup last Saturday. It was my second visit to my alternative vet, The Animal House, just along Aurora Boulevard and Balete Drive. I was due for 5 in 1, Canine Bronchial and Anti-Rabies vaccines. They also gave me a deworming tablet (coated with Cesar dog food) and one-year worth of heartworm vaccine (so I won't have to take Heartgard every month).

I met Doc Mary and Kuya, her assistant, for the first time. They were friendly and gentle. But because I had a traumatic experience with an angry bulldog in Tiendesitas months back, I am not really used to having new humans around. I was terrified and they were trying to pacify me. My eyes were glued to my moms and I used all my pity-face charm to quietly plead for them not to leave me with my new acquaintances. My mom took this photo as my chest skin was being scraped by Doc Mary for parasite tests. Don't leave me here, pretty please???? :-(

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