Thursday, April 23, 2009

Akilla the Pug

We thought of a name. We thought about it really hard. I searched the internet to see Greek, Hawaiian or Hindu names. Those names that are rare, or have meaning.

We liked a few Greek names, Kanene (a little thing in the eye is big) and Razi (secret) in African, and Bane (long awaited child), and Mily (beautiful) in Hawaiian.

But Akela stood out the most. It means "noble" in Hawaii. We named her Akela at the night of April 19. And introduced her to the world the next day. Akela seemed to be a nice name. But the name would not get her attention. We met up with a friend from Singapore, Joy, the next day. Joy said she'd be "Akeela's" godmother. Hey, Akeela also sounded nice. Joy said Akeela in Akeela and the Bee suits Akela too. So we called her Akeela.

The next day, April 21, I was playing with her and smelled her breath and her unwashed coat, and saw her face super close up. I said "that's a killer face and a killer smell!"

And Akilla, the killah pug's name, was born.

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