Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Army Bed and Akilla Stuff

Today, Akilla joined us while we met with our client at Mr. Kurosawa at the Eastwood Mall. She behaved inside my black bag (with her head popped out) while mommies brainstormed and negotiated with our client. She was at my lap, quietly sleeping. I placed the bag on the floor and concentrated on our meeting. A few moments later, the waitress called my attention and we saw the little thing wandering freely in the restaurant. It was a funny sight. I put her back inside my bag and secretly told her we'll be done with work soon.

We learned just earlier that dogs walked in Eastwood should have permits and should be registered first. We'll register on our next visit, Akilla.

After the Eastwood meeting, we went straight to Tiendesitas to look for a puppy carrier. We were able to buy one on sale, for P700. Mall price for a 19" carrier is around P1,000 - P1,300. We also found an army bed on bargain. For only P350, Akilla will no longer sleep inside the cold steel structure of her purple cage every night.

Akilla looking cute inside her new 'crib'

We also bought her a neon green reflectorized collar (P217) so it will be easier to spot her in the dark (suggested by our good friend, Joy) and an Alpo Puppy shampoo for P210. Alpo puppy is the shampoo recommended by Akilla's breeder. Tomorrow will be Akilla's first bath! We can't wait for her to smell really good!

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