Sunday, June 7, 2009

What a Day!

We're all about to sleep. Mommies each have small tv-like toys in their hands while I have my trusty neon green bone teether beside me. I'm too lazy to munch. Mommy 2's toy has little cute kids singing while mommy 1's - she just keeps tapping. I wish I can sleep on the big bed but I get too hyper and energetic when I set foot on it. Big beds remind me of playtime.

I got pierced by two big needles earlier and they also had my nails cut. I did't like the experience. I was shouting in pain but they didn't seem to hear me :( I peed and pooped on the vet table out of trauma. :(

I forgot about that at once when they gave me a big serving of my lamb and rice foodie when we got home. Everything went back to normal. Food relieved me of all negative vibes. :) By the way, am not allowed to bathe in the next five days. Hope I won't smell too much. :)

Ok I'm groggy now. Dozing off in a few. Goodnight pals!

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