Saturday, December 5, 2009

Happy Pride

I didn't make it to the actual march but we were at Malate this evening to celebrate lgbt pride.I met lots of new friends. I had a long walk in the streets and I hung with mom's friends at the Penguin bar. I'm really behaved and mature now. They are happy that I can tag along with humans without any fuss and hassle. There were just a few times when I get angry and attempt to bite. I think those were the times when I'm already stressed. :-( sorry for those who I got victimized! I never mean to cause any trauma. :-D

Another happy thing was that mom made me eat chicken. It was super super yummy I can't stop begging. I hope I can have more of those again. :-)

Time to snooze now. I'm really tired from all the mingling and socializing. Happy pride to the lgbt community! :*


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