Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My First Birthday :-)

Hmm this looks tasty!

Yippeee I got to lick off the sweet icing!

Posing with Lolo Arnel and Patwick. Patwick says hi :-)

Posing with Lola Bernie while Patwick's not paying attention.

Eager for the big surprise!

Wow! Looks yummy :-) My jaw dropped.

Concentrating. Mental telepathy. I'm sayin' "Come near. Come near. Let me eat yeah. "

I got a lot of food and treats! Yey! Yummy yum yum licky licky!!!

Happy with Mommy A! :-)

With Tita Mabel who came from her college pictorial :-)

Thank you for the pics, Tito Aaron :-)
More pics to come!