Sunday, March 7, 2010

Thank you for the lovely year!

My dear humans and anipals,

I just turned one year old today :-) (March 8, 2010)

Yesterday I had a small party with my anipals Nina the native+terrier who's my constant companion, Shalom - my kitty bestfriend who never gets tired of my kisses, Aruba - shalom's mom and her new kitties, Scotch the toy poodle, Shera the persian cat, my housemate, and Pepper the siamese cat. Thank you for celebrating with me! Thank you also to their humans tita che, tita dalin, tito nick, tita kalai, tito aaron and also to tita marjo and tito jay and tito nelie.

I received lots of treats! I also had balloons and the humans had pancit, cake, sushi, ice cream, banggus and chips with yummy dip. I got to taste the bangus and dip! :p They sung songs in the vdeoke and I joined them by barking :-)

Thank you to all my human friends and anipals for everything we shared on my first year :-)

Special mention to the pugpack and my twitter friends. :-)

Most especially to my lovely family for taking care of me :-) Mommy A and Mommy R, lola bernie, lolo arnel, tita mabel and tito andrew, my kiddie friends Lex, Yobe, Gianne, my
officemates Tito Mark, Tita Hix who I love to tease, Tito Tony, Tita Al who calls me chukuy and everyone i crossed paths with :-)

Thank you for preparing my morning and night meals.
For poop walking me and picking my poop everyday.
For bathing me every other day.
For cleaning my crate/cage.
For giving me treats.
For teaching me how to sit.
For bringing me to my regular checkups.
For taking care of me when I'm sick.
For curing my allergies.
For giving me groovy clothes and manong sandos and 80s dresses.
For walking me.
For bringing me to trips.
For tirelessly playing with me.
For laughing at the faces I make.

I will do my best to be a good pug. I will return the favor by always making you smile and laugh at my funny acts and faces esp when I'm sleepy.

On my second year, my goal is to eat more, play more and sleep more! I am looking forward to meeting more new human and animal friends :-)

I love you all and thank you for all the birthday greetings!


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