Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Akilla with the Ananda Kanani Shoot Team

I was brought to tag along the shoot of Ananda Kanani Accessories last Sunday. Mom 1 was the photographer and Mom2 was the stylist and accessory designer. I had lots of fun roaming around the UP campus! Yey! We were there in the morning and we were still there during my night time poop because moms watched a stage play. I ran around an open field, became an 'extra' model, met lots of new friends, ran at a stage and pissed in the theater. I pooped in grass, which I don't normally experience. I think by the end of the day, moms were already complaining of my pug stink. hihihi. Here are some of my snapshots taken earlier during the day.

I was just running around. The next thing I knew, I'm already a model! :-)

Posing with humans.

I'm good with cameras, don't you think? :-)


  1. Hahaha! You should insure your tongue Akilla. It's like Madonna's gap or J.Lo's butt.:))

    You should go walk sa QC Circle early saturday mornings. There are a lot of doggie friends there. I used to walk my titas daschund there and she had lots of fun because all the dogs are really friendly and playful.:) You should try it. Yer moms would enjoy it too. The dog owners are pretty friendly.:)

  2. Dear Tita Projectile Tsinelas,

    I am guessing that you are a Tita and not a Tito because my strong smelling talent can sense it. And my tongue also senses that maybe it has been in contact with you before. :P

    I don't know what insure is but i will ask moms about it. Thank you for appreciating my tongue and comparing it to Madonna and J.Lo even if I am not also sure who they are. Got to catch up and watch tv / movies more. :D Can't absorb that much information in 5 months. hihihi.

    Ok, I think i will love the Circle place with lots of doggies even if I'm not sure if I can resist barking at them. Nowadays, barking at strangers is my hobby, esp when I'm inside the car and the windows are all closed. :D I hope to see / smell you soon Tita Projectile Tsinelas!




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