Thursday, August 27, 2009

Running Wild at the UP Oval

Ohhh wow see me going wild and hyper when mom took me to the grassy field in UP Oval. Of course I still can't resist biting the tip of mom's pants. It's my daily habit and moms often wonder when I'd stop. It's so addicting I get crazy biting I even let myself get dragged when they push their feet away.

After the run, we went at the Chocolate Kiss. It's their favorite eating place in UP because of the tasty iced tea and good food. Too bad I wasn't able to taste any human food. Been waiting under the table for food that might drop by accident but I was unlucky I didn't get any. Moms don't want me to eat human food because I may start not liking my doggie foodie. Everytime the waiters pass by they go down to me and say hi. They have big smiles for me. I will always love to come back to that place.

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