Saturday, August 1, 2009

Goodbye to My Kitty Anipals

Hangin' out at Lolo and Lola's house and playing with Tito Aaron. I'd like to say hi to my anipal kumares Nina the half maltese/terier and half askal cutee dog, and the soon to leave Aruba. We will miss Aruba and her little kitties, Aloha, Shalom and Aaron. Can anyone please adopt them? :-(

Here's what my anipal Kitty, Aruba wrote at Tita Mabel's blog:

Hello. Around a month ago, I gave birth to three little kittens. The Dizon family called them Aloha, Shalom and Aaron. They gave us a place to stay since I still need to feed them. They played and cuddled with us everyday!

Now they' re growing up, they start to poop everywhere. They scratch the tires and screen doors too. It breaks their hearts but they decided to give us away. They'll grow up more and so would their poops. They can't raise the three of them since I always leave (for a reason I cannot tell). So Mr. Dizon said they'll bring two of my babies and I to UP where people bring books and study. It makes me really sad. We only need good souls who would feed us and give us a safe ground to sleep on. I hope to find one soon.

We will miss the Dizon family, the ninangs, ninongs and my kumares. I know they'll miss us just the same.


Here are some photos from Tita Mabel. We hope you can help us find the little kitties a home. :'(

Hanging out with Tito Aaron

Little Aaron and Aloha

Mommy Aruba


See and download the full gallery on posterous

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