Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sorry Granny

I don't know what gets into me but whenever I ride our blue car I become a naughty and excited lil puggie. I bark at the people outside the car, I bark at the guests at the backseat and I want to run around and jump on humans laps. I often bite (playfully) and get hysterical. I want to sit on mom's lap even when she's driving. I really can't help it. A while ago when my granny tried to hold me i wanted to break free so i accidentally scratched her face with my nails. Uh oh. I'm doomed. I am really sorry granny. :( I just get too excited whenever I'm riding the car.

Granny really can't wait for me to outgrow teething and biting. Moms also can't wait for me to become less hyper and more sweet and lazy. Hope humans can give me a little more patience. :-D I promise to be a good puggie, I promise to obey, just give me some cheese!!!

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  1. Uh-oh Dakilluh. Just make sure you grow out of it. Tita Maica's dogs were very makulit too when they were pups, they haven't grown out of it yet and they're very destructive. I think it maybe because of genes and because Tita Maica's parents condoned the destructiveness. Listen to your mommies when they say no, okay?


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